SalesPanda Approach Note

Account-based marketing is a form of marketing that uses highly targeted, personalized campaigns to win over targeted accounts. It treats in..

  •  Thursday 1st of August 2019
Competing In The Digital Age

Competing in the Digital Age is a benchmarking study for the Insurance & Financial Services industry. The survey was held across 100+ market..

  •  Thursday 1st of August 2019
Digital Transformation in Sales & M..

Digital Transformation in Sales and Marketing involves the use of technology to integrate and optimize your workflow. This develops agility ..

  •  Thursday 1st of August 2019
SalesPanda Value Proposition for NB..

This value proposition is a guide on how SalesPanda can help NBFC Companies to automate their inbound digital marketing and also leverage it..

  •  Thursday 1st of August 2019
Digital Marketing Automation for Ho..

Apart from direct marketing, your agents and OTAs represent your brand and drive end user communication as they are connected online to the..

  •  Thursday 1st of August 2019
SalesPanda for Real Estate Develope..

SalesPanda is a fully integrated digital marketing automation platform that allows property developers to expand their end customer reach d..

  •  Tuesday 12th of November 2019