Challenges Faced By Insurance Companies


No tracking and visibility of the content, campaigns, platforms and regions targeted by agents to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities to build consistent customer experience

Digital reach and distribution

How can they effectively leverage the reach of agents and expand their distribution network by improving their productivity digitally

Regulatory compliance

Whether the content shared by agents follows the strict compliance, brand guidelines and core values


How SalesPanda Can Help

Our platform helps insurance companies leverage the reach of their agents and make their digital presence count without compromising on brand-compliance and control.

Content syndication

Insurance companies can create & syndicate compliance approved collaterals, email campaigns, social posts in the content library. The content is provided to agents via web syndication.

Agent enablement

Agents get access to pre-built campaigns, marketing tools and resources, information about products and services, training material etc. to pitch and value sell the right products to the end customers.

Lead funnel

Leads are captured for each agent separately. It can be seen and tracked on a single admin dashboard by insurance companies.

Deep analytics

Insurance companies can analyse and see the content or campaigns that performed well. It can help in measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns

Why Opt Channel Marketing Automation

With channel marketing automation platform agents as well as insurance companies can build a strong distribution network to market their products and services.

It can help in building strong communication with the regional audience of the agents by providing them with personalised content, offers and information as per their customer's needs, preferences and behaviour.

It can help in better lead generation and sales closure. The channel marketing automation process efficiently allocate content, tracks the process and results across the agent network. It gives businesses a competitive edge planning forward.

It helps in building engagement with a more focused and informed approach. Hence, the internal process becomes efficient and drives more engagement with potential enrolments.

It provides a well-configured platform that’s highly automated, aligned with all the marketing features and resources that can save money and accelerate growth.

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