High-performance content can create a better impact on customers and establish an effective nurture cycle. Effective sales content management is also important for generating a single source of truth across channels. It helps them understand the campaigns to drive growth and how to leverage marketing content effectively. With SalesPanda’s sales acceleration module, sales teams and partners can create a personalised experience for customers and prospects while increasing the opportunities for lead conversion. The marketing content library is an essential part of sales acceleration, as teams get easy access to branded collaterals that are compliant and engaging.

Asset Library

Our sales content management module helps empower sales teams and partners with brand-compliant content and resources from the companies to build a strong brand presence and engagement online. It also helps ensure all the sales and marketing assets align with the brand’s value, identity and standards- maintenance of brand compliance is crucial. Companies can syndicate content in a central library that is easily accessible to the sales teams and partners. The asset library includes:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social media creatives
  • Marketing brochures & leaflets
  • Video content

Co-branded Content

With SalesPanda’s sales content management system, sales teams and partners can also get co-branding with their personal details when sharing content across platforms. The co-branding feature gets automatically fetched and can be shared to extend communication reach along with:

  • Videos content
  • Social media posts
  • WhatsApp content
  • Email campaigns
  • PDFs

Global Search

It is an essential feature of the sales content management system where sales teams and partners can run a quick search across the central content repository. It removes the hassle of manually searching each content rather type a particular word in the search bar to find and share the content with customers. They can also mark content as ‘favourite’ for any future reference. The feature includes:

  • Keyword-based searches
  • Filter-based searches
  • Favourite button

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