Some Concerns EdTech Companies Have

Recruiting & Onboarding

To recruit & onboard potential partners and franchisees who can help expand brand awareness, engage with students, deliver relevant and timely information about the courses and programs through an integrated platform are essential for better ROI.

Consistent Communication

The communication gap can result in dissatisfied customers and a lack of relevance with the brand. Hence, engaging consistently via different channels through partners & franchisees can improve brand reach and funnel.

Tracking & Measurement

Lack of tracking and measurement of marketing activities across the website, social platforms, and regions targeted by partners and franchisees to measure the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns for a valuable customer experience.


How SalesPanda Can Help

Our platform is designed to help EdTech companies extend their student reach via partners and franchisees recruitment, enabling them digitally to help them communicate the value proposition of various online courses and programs.

Recruitment & Reach

EdTech companies can enhance their brand reach by 20X by recruiting & onboarding potential partners and franchisees; enable them digitally with sales & marketing materials to effectively communicate their value proposition in the market.

Enablement & Control

Each partner and franchise gets a personal website, mobile app and pre-built branded content by companies to share with their student database from the content library on platforms like WhatsApp, social media and emails.

Pipeline Management

All the visits, prospects and leads coming from different sources can be tracked and seen on a centralised admin dashboard by EdTech companies for better pipeline management and funnel view.

Deep Analytics

Analytics plays a key role in driving better results and initiating relevant communication. Our platform helps EdTech companies analyse and measure the effectiveness of various content types and campaigns performance.

Why Opt for Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Streamline the process of recruiting and onboarding partners and franchisees for better targetting and customer acquisitions.

Enhance your brand reach by 20X via recruiting and communicating better via partner and franchise network.

Measure the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns & analyse their effectiveness in generating leads. It also helps companies get control of the partners and franchisees marketing process.

PRM can help brands create a consistent communication flow via partners and franchisees to engage and attract potential customers.

It provides a well-integrated platform that’s highly automated, aligned with all the marketing features and resources that can save money and accelerate growth.