Companies can leverage analytics to invest more in content that affects the revenue, to know what resonates with customers, and shorten the sales cycle. Detailed analytics on sales and sales enablement can help identify top performers while also optimising the content according to the end customers' needs. SalesPanda’s analytics module is highly adaptive and flexible where reports can be customised as per the company’s requirements and needs. It provides deep analytics on microsite activities, sales, campaigns and a centralised dashboard with visibility across various activities performed by the sales team and partners.

Pipeline Analytics

Generate analytics for sales based on your customer interactions across channels to set targets and achieve future goals. Identify behaviours to prioritise leads and share relevant content and information to engage them accordingly. Get metrics that can help with customer targeting while improving the sales processes and practices. It includes:

  • Sales activity analytics
  • Funnel improvement analytics
  • Trends & outcomes

Campaign Analytics

Get detailed metrics on marketing activities such as content and campaigns. It will provide visibility on the number of clicks, likes, shares, comments or leads coming from different channels. It can further be utilised to optimise campaigns to drive better ROI. It includes:

  • Social media analytics
  • Email campaign analytics
  • Lead analytics

Centralised Dashboard

It is also known as the master dashboard; the company can get a detailed view of the sales enablement analytics such as the number of app downloads activities carried out by each seller and partner, campaign performance etc. It helps the company to analyse and measure the performance of sales teams and partners to bring in necessary changes to boost sales efficiency. It includes:

  • App download analytics
  • Visits vs lead details
  • Performance analytics

Microsite Analytics

Sales teams and partners can track visitors on their business microsite based on their interests and interaction online. They get a detailed view of the visitor activities where the microsite link is shared. These analytics makes it easy to optimise sales & marketing efforts to create more effectiveness via online channels. It includes:

  • Weekly visits details
  • Leads generation analytics
  • New & known visitor details

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