Sales Enablement

Enable sales teams and partners with relevant resources and tools to improve their product knowledge and sales pitches. It includes training, coaching, documents, and communication that companies can provide for better learning and sales closure.

Sales enablement is all about providing your sales teams and partners with resources that will help them acquire more customers. It can include two different forms of content where first, they will consume it internally, and other they can use it to gain more customers by sharing it with them. Companies should be sure that training, certifications and other activities are well-strategised and have a goal. This makes it better for everyone to understand their responsibilities and work towards them. Sales and marketing approaches should evolve with changing customer needs they should build the relationship and trust that provides insight into customers buying behaviours and interests. Hence, companies should provide their sales teams and partners with the resources, tools, training and learning that can help them move forward.

Training & Coaching

Provide guides, courses, lessons and certification to the sales teams and partners for better knowledge-sharing and learning. Evaluate the learning and training by conducting quizzes and certification to boost confidence and performance. The module consists of:

  • Structured courses with different types of lessons
  • Quizzes to evaluate the training
  • Certification after course completion
  • Coaching content- Guides, audios, videos etc
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Document Library

Provide easy access to downloadable and sharable documents to sales teams and partners to stay updated about the latest products and services. This module includes:

  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Process documents
  • Proposals, presentations etc.
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Sales Communication

Share latest updates, announcements, and other important information with sales teams and partners via the admin module. Control the distribution of information via differential syndication. The module includes:

  • New announcements and updates
  • Contest alerts
  • Rewards and recognition
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