Stats suggest that social sellers are 51% more likely to achieve sales quotas. Hence, social selling helps sales teams and partners establish themselves as experts online by sharing marketing approved content on their social media channels. SalesPanda’s content library allows teams to share content directly on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. These shared contents can also be tracked and their effectiveness can be measured in the app for further optimisation. SalesPanda’s social selling solution helps companies create a central repository of social sharing content that teams can access and share with their prospects or customers to create a better engagement pattern.

Social Media Marketing

It is an essential form of marketing that allows sharing content to engage customers on their favourite social media networks. With SalesPanda’s well-integrated social selling platform, sellers and partners can post branded content directly to their social media pages from the app. It includes:

  • Facebook sharing
  • LinkedIn sharing
  • Twitter sharing
  • Instagram sharing & more

Social Media Automation

With SalesPanda, social media campaigns can be scheduled and pushed centrally on the social media pages of sales teams and partners. They can opt for the auto-posting feature in the app by giving consent to the company to share it on their social media pages. It includes:

  • Social media auto-posting
  • Post scheduling
  • Post decline option
  • Scheduling notifications

WhatsApp Marketing

Facebook’s latest figures suggest WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users making it an influential platform to engage customers. All the branded marketing content can be shared directly with customers on WhatsApp to create a quick and personalised touch. It includes:

  • WhatsApp sharing
  • Trackable link sharing
  • WhatsApp status updates


It’s a Digital Business Card provided to each seller and partner that they can share with their customers instantly. DigiCard prevents the hassle of wear and tear while creating a strong networking opportunity for communication. It also helps generate traffic and engagement where they get:

  • PDF version
  • Clickable social media links
  • Detailed contact details

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